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97th Y EA R“


S I R V I N G A l l OF M A » I N C O U N T Y


RAINFALL Total to data ................. 7 .35 This date last y ear ......... 26 E s f I 8 6 1 Seasonal average«...... 1.45 TEMPERATURE« Yesterday : High 7 3, low 44 Noon today .................... ...7 0

Glenwood 4-J 020 10« PER COPY No. 18 0 Angel Island Urged As World Fair Site

A camp aign to h av e An gel Islan d selected as site o f a p ro ­ p o sed San Fran cisco -Bay Area In tern atio n al Ex p o sitio n in 19 6 1-6 2 was lau n ch ed y ester­ day by th e Tibu ro n Pen in su la Ch amber o f Co mmerce.

Th e ch amber’s e x e c u t i v e co mmittee ado p ted a reso lu ­ tio n reco mmen din g to th e Ma­ rin Co u n ty Bo ard o f Su p erv is­ o rs th at th e bo ard su p p o rt a mo v e to h av e th e islan d ch o sen as th e ex p o sitio n site, an d jo in in an effo rt to create an An gel Islan d p u blic recreatio n area

with p ro ceeds o f th e ex p o si­ tio n . COMES UP TUESDAY Th e reso lu tio n will be p re­ sen ted to th e su p erv iso rs Tu es­ day . William Rafter o f Belv edere, a Tibu ro n p en in su la real estate man an d directo r o f th e ch am­ ber o f co mmerce, p u t th e mat­ ter befo re th e ch amber direc­ to rs y esterday . Rafter p o in ted o u t th at May ­ o r Geo rge Ch risto p h er o f San Fran cisco recen tly p ro p o sed a 19 6 1-6 2 ex p o sitio n an d set u p a

co mmittee to wo rk o n th e mat­ ter. He n o ted th e San Fran cisco Bo ard o f Su p erv iso rs h as ap ­ p ro v ed th e idea.

‘LOGICAL LOCATION* “I believ e th e mo st lo gical lo catio n to be An gel Islan d,” Rafter sdid. “Sin ce n o n e o f th e Bay Area co u n ties o r mu n ici­ p alities h as man aged to bu y th e lan d, th is is o n e way o f ac­ q u irin g it. “Arch itectu ral co n tro l o f lo ­ catio n an d fo rm o f th e bu ild­ in gs wo u ld p ermit th e creatio n See FAIR, page 4

W EST GERMANY TO BREAK OFF WI TH TI TO BONN, German y (Æ)—West German y will break o ff dip ­ lo matic relatio n s with Co mu n ist Yu go slav ia to mo ro w. dip lo matic so u rces re­ p o rted to n igh t. Yu go slav Ambassado r Du - san D. Kv eder h as been re­ q u ested to p resen t h imself at th e Bo n n Fo reign Office at 11 a m. to mo rro w to h ear th e decisio n o f th e go v ern ­ men t o f Ch an cello r Ko n rad Aden au er. At th e same time, th e so u rces said, th e West Ger­ man ch arge d’ affaires in Belgrade will call at th e Fo reign Office th ere to an ­ n o u n ce th e sev eran ce o f re­ latio n s.

Council Explodes Over Policeman Hiring Issue

Two Co rte Madert to wn co u n - cilmen last n igh t an grily walk­ ed o u t o f a co u n cil meetin g wh ich , mo men ts earlier, h ad bro u gh t th ese dev elo p men ts: 1. A letter fro m Fran k Nel­ so n , p o lice an d fire ch ief, criti­ cal o f May o r Walter S. Lo n g an d askin g retractio n o f state­ men ts by Lo n g at a co u n cil meetin g Oct. 7. A su ggestio n fro m Co u n ­

cilman William J. Ball th at “we o u gh t to ask fo r Fran k Nelso n ’s resign atio n .” 3 . An attemp t to cu t o ff p u lic discu ssio n an d take u p th e matter in p riv ate “ex ecu tiv e sessio n ”—defeated by a 3 -2 v o te o f th e co u n cil. COUNCILMEN LEAVE 4. An ex p lo siv e ro w between Lo n g an d Co u n cilman Edward (Lo u ) Jo n es. Th is en ded with

Jo n es stalkin g an grily fro m th e meetin g ro o m, fo llo wed by Co u n cilman Ru th Ro ss. Th e co u n cil met to co mp lete actio n o n th e agen da o f its regu lar meetin g o f Oct. 7. (Tt wasn ’t co mp leted last n igh t, eith er. Th e co u n cil set an ­ o th er adjo u rn ed meetin g fo r 8 p .m. Oct. 24 fo r an o th er at­ temp t to fin ish th e lo n g agen da. Mrs. Ro ss immediately mov - U.N. Assembly Called To Air Opposing Charges On Syria

UNITED NATJONS UR—'Th e U.N. Steerin g Co mmittee rec­ o mmen ded u n an imo u sly to day th at th e Gen eral Assembly be­ gin immediately a fu ll debate o n th e Tu rkish -Sy rian crisis. Th e 82-n atio n assembly was called at o n ce to co n sider th e reco mmen datio n . Th e rap id-fire actio n came after Sy ria an d th e So v iet Un io u rep eated ch arges th at

th e massin g o f Tu rkish tro o p s alo n g th e Sy rian bo rder th reat- ers to to u ch o ff a majo r war. Tu rkey said it welco med th e discu ssio n o n wh at it called “th e fictitio u s situ atio n .” Th e Un ited States also agreed, an d ex p ressed th e belief th at an in ­ q u iry wo u ld sh o w th e falsity o f So v iet ch arges th at th e Un ted States was p ro ddin g Tu key to ward an attack o n Sy ria. Ike Seeking NATO Scientific Alliance

WASHINGTON UP) Presi­ den t Eisen h o wer is dev elo p in g a far-reach in g p ro p o sal to p o o l th e scien tific brain -p o wer an d creativ e reso u rces o f th e No rth Atlan tic Allian ce. Th e aim is to meet th e ch allen ge o f Ru sia’s weap o n s adv an ces as well as its p ro gress in th e co n q u est o f sp ace. In fo rmed o fficials said to day th e p ro ject may be th e majo r to p ic o f discu ssio n wh en Eisen ­ h o wer meets British Prime Min ister Haro ld Macmillan h ere n ex t Wedn esday . BROADER PLAN Wh at th e Presiden t h as in min d, h o wev er, acco rdin g to p erso n s familiar with h is p lan ­ n in g, is bro ader th an a British - American p artn ersh ip . It is de­ sign ed to brin g in to p lay th e reso u rces o f th e wh o le 15 -n tio n NATO allian ce. Eisen h o wer gav e th e tip -o ff to h is p lan s in th is p o rtio n o f h is to ast to Qu een Elizabeth at a Wh ite Ho u se din n er last n igh t: “. . . We h av e th e p o wer. Th e o n ly th in g to do is to p u t it to geth er. NOT MERELY MILITARY “Ou r scien tists mu st wo rk to geth er. NATO sh o u ld n o t be th o u gh t o f merely as a military allian ce. NATO is a way o f gro u p in g ability —o f o u r man ­ h o o d, o u r reso u rces, o f o u r in ­ du stries an d o u r facto ries.” Presu mably th e Presiden t’s p ro p o sal wo u ld lead ev en tu ally to a req u est by h im fo r mo di-

ftcatio n s in th e law barrin g th e disclo su re o f mu ch basic ato ic weap o n s in fo rmatio n to Britain o r an y o th er co u n try .

Mo re immediately , h o wev er, th e Eisen h o wer p ro p o sitio n , wh ich fo llo ws a lo n g series o f meetin gs with h is scien ce ad­ v isers an d o th er o fficials o v er th e p ast two weeks, is ev iden tly design ed to deal with th e ch al­ len ge o f Ru ssia’s in terco n ti­ n en tal missile.


Co mics .................... Page 16 Cro sswo rd Pu zzle ..............17 Dairy Market ....................17 Edito rial Page .................. 8 Marin Calen dar ................24 Marin Wo men ......13 , 14, 15 Paren ts’ Co rn er ................17 Radio an d TV L o g............23 S p o rts............................10, 11 Sto cks To day...................... 4 Th eaters .............................. 14 Tide Ch art ..........................24 Vital Statistics ............ 4 Wo rld News in B rief....... 2

Tu rkish Ambassado r Sey - fu llah Esin den ied th at h is co u n try was th reaten in g Sy ria. Sy rian Fo reign Min ister Sa- lah Bitar o p en ed th e debate. He was su p p o rted by So v iet Fo reign Min ister An drei A. Gro my ko , wh o said th e q u es­ tio n mu st be co n sidered imme­ diately . He said actio n already h ad been delay ed two day s. Th e So v iet Un io n ch arged th at th e Un ited States is mas­ termin din g th e alleged p lo t. Th e Ru ssian s said th e Tu rks p lan to attack immediately af­ ter th eir electio n s Oct. 27. DELEGATES CONFER U.S. delegates co n ferred bu ily with o th er delegatio n s, seek­ in g su p p o rt fo r a U.N. in v es­ tigatio n n o t o n ly o f th e Sy rian - So v iet ch arges bu t also o f th e U.S.-Tu rkish co n ten tio n th at Ru ssian arms deliv eries to Sy ­ ria an d So v iet man eu v ers in th e Middle East are th e real th reat to p eace th ere. Th ere was widesp read h o p e at th e U.N. th at a debate o n th e crisis wo u ld giv e th e n tio n s immediately in v o lv ed a ch an ce to let o ff steam an d wo u ld keep th e co n flict a bat­ tle o f wo rds. LESS CONCERNED At h o me, th e Tu rks an d Sy ­ rian s seemed so mewh at less co n cern ed o v er th e situ atio n alo n g th eir co mmo n bo rder th an th eir rep resen tativ es an d allies at th e U.N. Th e Sy rian army was p u t o n th e alert, bu t a sp o kesman ex ­ p lain ed th at mean t o n ly th at o fficers’ leav es were can celed. Th e Sy rian Cabin et met fo r an h o u r in Damascu s an d decided gen eral mo bilizatio n was n o t n ecessary . Arms were distrib­ u ted to civ ilian “resistan ce” gro u p s in cen ters n ear th e Tu rkish bo rder.

ROCKET WATCHERS From v antage point atop San Rafael Hill, early rising Marinites v iew third- stage rocket that tossed Russian earth satellite Sput-




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Stenstrom Buick Co. (Marin’s established Buick Dealer since 1948 ) 5 02 Francisco Blv d. San Rafael

Carpenter Waves Ax

At Ex's Spouse; Jailed

A San An selmo carp en ter, ch arged with try in g to break u p a marriage with an ax th is mo rn in g, was jailed o n su sp cio n o f bu rglary an d assau lt with a deadly weap o n . He is Bu rto n Ev erette Fair- co u rt. 4 0, o f 41 Lau rel av en u e, San An selmo . Sh eriff’s dep u ­ ties said Fairco u rt bro ke in to th e Wo o dacr« h o me o f h is fo rmer wife, n o w Mrs. Edward D. Leach , an d wen t after h er h u sban d with an ax abo u t 4 :3 0 a.m. Leach ran o u t th e back do o r an d called th e sh eriff’s o ffice. In v estigato rs learn ed th e Fairco u rts were div o rced in Ju ly o f last y ear, an d th e fo mer Mrs. Fairco u rt married Leach abo u t th ree weeks ago . Sgt. Sid Weber and deputies

fo u n d Fairco u rt drin kin g co fee at th e Leach h o me. Mrs. Leach said sh e gav e h im co ffee to calm h im u n til o fficers ar­ riv ed. Mrs. Leach to ld o fficers h er fo rmer h u sban d ban ged at th e do o r with an ex , sh o u tin g, “It’s me, Ed, an d I wan t y o u o u t o f See AX, p age 4

Knight Has Flu,

Stays A t Mansion

S A C R A M E N T O BP)—Go v . Go o dwin J. Kn igh t h as th e flu . Th e go v ern o r’s o ffice an ­ n o u n ced to day th at h is regu lar Friday p ress co n feren ce an d o th er ap p o in tmen ts wo u ld be can celed wh ile Kn igh t remain ­ ed at th e ex ecu tiv e man sio n .

Flu Hits Hard At Brookside School In Hub

Bro o kside Sch o o l in San An­ selmo co n tin u ed to be h ardest h it by in flu en za amo n g Marin Co u n ty ’s p u blic sch o o ls o n th e basis o f atten dan ce rep o rts to ­ day . Ro y Dav is, h ealth co o rdin to r at th e co u n ty su p erin ten en t’s o ffice, said Bro o kside again rep o rted 3 0 p er cen t ab­ sen ce fo r y esterday . Pu p il absen teeism In th e San An selmo district as a wh o le remain ed at 21 p er cen t again y esterday , h igh est amo n g elemen tary districts in th e co u n ty . Tamalp ais High Sch o o l District, h o wev er, h ad 26 p er cen t absen teeism, do wn a h alf p er cen t fro m th e p rev io u s day . High est absen teeism in San Rafael sch o o ls was rep o rted at th e h igh sch o o l an d Dav idso n Sch o o l, each with 16 p er cen t. San Rafael Elemen tary District as a wh q le h ad 10 p er cen t o f its p u p ils absen t y esterday . No v ato High Sch o o l co n tin u ­ ed to be h ard h it by th e flu , with 18 p er cen t o f its stu den ts absen t th is mo rn in g. Th ere was a su dden u p su rge o f absen tee­ ism at No v ato ’s Mario n Sch o o l, wh ere 12 p er cen t were absen t th is mo rn in g after o n ly a n o mal 5 p er cen t y esterday , th e district o ffice rep o rted. Larksp u r sch o o ls rep o rted 11 p er cen t o f th e p u p ils ab­ sen t y esterday , do wn o n e p er cen t fro m th e p recedin g day . See FLU, p age 4

nik into outer space. Arrows indicate path of shin­ ing object, seen at 4;5 6 ^,m. today . %,(Independent-J ournal photo) " V I--------------------------------------------- A Moving Star? No, It's

Sputnik's Rocket Again

To o n e Marin ite it lo o ked like a scalded cat. To an o th er, it resembled a mo v in g star. It was Sp u tn ik’s ro cket, o f co u rse, racin g acro ss th e Ma­ rin skies o n ce again at a sp eed o f mo re th an 18,000 miles p er h o u r. E a r l y mo rn in g watch ers

Drake Pilgrimage Set Tomorrow Th e 4 3 rd an n u al Sir Fran cis Drake Assn . p ilgrimage to Drake's Bay in West Marin will be h eld to mo rro w, with H. S. March an t, British co n ­ su l gen eral in San Fran cisco , sch edu led to sp eak at th e 2 p .m. p u blic p ro gram. Ro u te o f th e p ilgrimage will be Sir Fran cis Drake h igh way to th e Drake’s Bay Beach ro ad. Warren R. Ho well, p residen t o f th e Sir Fran cis Drake Assn ., will p reside at th e rites. Very Rev . C. Ju lian Bartlett will giv e th e in v o catio n .

Fine October Weather To Stay SAN FRANCISCO UR—.All o f Califo rn ia sh o u ld h av e gen ­ erally fair, mild w e a t h e r th ro u gh to mo rro w, th e fo re­ caster said, alth o u gh an u p p er air distu rban ce is cau sin g v ari­ able clo u din ess o v er th e cen ­ tral an d so u th ern th irds o f th e state.

n eeded n o v isu al aids to see th e th ird-stage ro cket wh ich p recedes th e So v iet satellite Sp u tn ik in its o rbit by almo st h alf an h o u r. Th e brigh tly sh in in g o bject, easily reco gn izable by th o se wh o h av e seen it th e last fo u r mo rn in gs, o rbited almo st du e n o rth to so u th to day . It p assed directly o v er Marin at 4 :5 6 a.m. an d co u ld be seen fo r abo u t two min u tes.

Ro bert R. Mey er o f 305 Vista Gran de, Green brae, said h e h ad a v ery clear v iew o f th e ro cket. He said it came o u t o f th e mist “like a scalded cat.”

“It lo o ked like a mo v in g star an d ap p eared to be abo u t as brigh t as th e stars in th e Big Dip p er,” rep o rted Dick S tein h eim er, In dep en den t- Jo u rn al p h o to grap h er, wh o v iewed th e ro cket fro m ato p San Rafael Hill.

Stein h eimer an d abo u t 10 o th er i sleep y ey ed Marin ites saw th e brigh t o bject ap p ear o v er th eir “v an tage p o in t fro m a directio n sligh tly west o f n o rth . At times it was p arti­ ally o bscu red by h igh clo u ds. “I was amazed at h o w fast it mo v ed in relatio n to its h eigh t,” Stein h eimer said.

, Eu gen e Po well o f 4 00 Mil­ ler Creek ro ad, San Rafael, said Sp u tn ik’s sp ace co mp an ­ io n ap p eared to h im to be See ROCKET, p age 4



7 10 Fourlh Si.

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Bar Patrons See Airman Cut Wrist

A Hamilto n Air Fo rce Base airman th reaten ed to kill h im­ self in a San Rafael bar last n igh t, th en p ro ceeded to slash h is wrist wh en o th er cu sto ers failed to take h im serio u sly . A 1/c James Fran cis Jo n es, 45, o f th e 78th Tran sp o rtatio n Sq u adro n was taken to San Ra­ fael Gen eral Ho sp ital by San Rafael p o lice with a th ree-in ch gash o n h is left wrist. He was taken to Hamilto n Base Ho p ital an d tran sferred to Parks Air Fo rce Base Ho sp ital in Alameda Co u n ty fo r p sy ch ia­ tric o bserv atio n . Peter A. Pello lio , o wn er o f th e 881 Clu b o n Fo u rth street, called p o lice abo u t 9 p .m. He h ad wrap p ed a to u rn iq u et aro u n d th e v ictim’s arm, wh ich was bleedin g co n siderably . A witn ess, Dav id B. Dav is o f 883 Fo u rth street, to ld o fficers th e airman h ad an n o u n ced o n en terin g th e bar th at h e was go in g to co mmit su icide. Dav is said n o o n e p aid mu ch atten ­ tio n becau se Jo n es seemed in ­ to x icated. A sh o rt time later, Jo n es retu rn ed an d laid a p iece o f p ap er o n th e bar. Say in g. “Yo u didn ’t th in k I wo u ld do it,” h e h eld u p h is left arm, h eld a razo r in h is righ t h an d an d slash ed h is left wrist. Jo n es gav e p o lice n o reaso n fo r h is actio n . Po lice said th e p iece o f p ap er tu rn ed o u t to be a will, leav in g h is p o sses­ sio n s to h is so n .

ed that regular business he set aside and that the council con­ sider and act on a situation created by Chief Nelson’s letter of Oct. 11, addressed to City Manager Arthur H. Brandow, with copies later sent to coun- cilmen by Brandow.

MAYOR’S CRITICISM The letter, read Inio the reo ord by Brandow, referred to Long’s criticism ot the hiring of William A. Anderson as a policé officer. Nelson wrote: I could not do otherwise than to inv estigate the accuracy of May or Long’* informal surv ey . (Long said at the Oct. 7 meeting that he had made an informal surv ey of Berkeley and San Francisco po­ lice departments to determine whether a man with Anderson’* record of 30 per cent phy sical disability would hav e been hir­ ed by these departments. He said the answer was no.” ) Nelson’s letter went on to challenge Long’s findings, stat­ ing that the Berkeley and San Francisco departments t ol d him they would hire a man with Anderson’s disabilities it he were passed by an ex amin­ ing phy sician.

DEMANDS RETRACTION Nelson then demanded a re­ traction of Long’s statement* to correct the unwarranted in­ justice that in my opinion wa* done to Officer Anderson.” W h e n Brandow finished reading the letter, Councilman Ball spoke up: We ought to ask for Frank Nelson’s resignation,” he de­ clared. If I had ev er put my ­ self in the position of calling my boss a liar, I’d hav e been prepared to withdraw from my position . . . This is an ex ample of despicable bad taste.” J ones mov ed that the cotmcd go into ex ecutiv e session. An Independent-J ournal reporter (who, with one other person who left a short time later wa* the only public” present) pro­ tested. J ones withdrew his motion, but Councilman Roger F. Morse re-introduced it. Some discus­ sion ensued, ending when the council killed the closed doors” proposal 3-2. Council- men Ball, Ross and Long v oted to keep the meeting open. HIRING DISCUSSED The discussion then returned to the hiring of Anderson. Morse mov ed adoption of a resolution ex pressing the coun­ cil’s sincere regrets” ov er tha unfav orable publicity regard­ ing Anderson that resulted from the council meeting of Oct. 7 ,” and affirming tha council’s full support and con­ fidence” toward the new offi­ cer. Mrs. Ross seconded and ask­ ed for a v ote. Long insisted on a discussion period in which ha could ex plain his position. Anderson is just the ‘fall See ROW, page 4


Mill Valler



o f New

19 5 7 BUICKS

You owe tt to y ourself to check with tM before y ou buy any eerl

N E W 1958 M O D E LS





O p en S u m in f


5 05 MILLER DU 8 -5 9 00

2 jlnîifpmftrnt-3lmtrmil. Friday, Oct. 18. I9S7 W I R E N E W S B R I E F S 2 Balloonists Embark 'Complacency' From Everywhere

TODAY'S BEAUTY TIP ( BEFORE AN D AFTER DEPT. ) Peggy Hamilto n, who m so me o f us will remember as a Ho lly wo o d glam­ o ur girl o f the 19 20s, was co nv inced she knew the secret that keeps so me o f the mo re mature mo v ie queens lo o king y o uthful. The secret: A no n- surgical face-lift. Miss Hamilto n used

herself as a guinea pig. At left: Be­ fo re Miss Hamilto n as she appear­ ed entering a Dallas, Tex ., clinic fo r a 30-day treatment. At right: After— Miss Hamlito n as she unv eiled her­ self at a co ming o ut” party . (UP Telepho to s)

City Council Declines To » Endorse Hospital Issues

T h e Corte Mad era Town Cou ncil last night refu sed to giv e its end orsement to the $2,400,000 bond issu es for ex ­ p ansion of Mann General Hos­ p ital. The matter came u p after two cou ncilmen, Ed ward (Ix >u ) Jones and Mrs. Ru th Ross, had walked ou t of the cou ncil meet­ ing. With only three members still on hand , the cou ncil filed , withou t action, a req u est for end orsement of the bond s. Cou ncilman William J. Ball

Con M an Using

Name Of Paper

Ed itors of the Nov ato Ad ­ v ance, semi-weekly newsp ap er, warned y esterd ay of a bu nco game being emp loy ed in Nov to in the name of the news­ p ap er. A man calling himself Harry Stone has been rep resenting himself as a member of the Nov ato Ad v ance staff. He has p honed resid ents of the area seeking p ay ment for p lacing a story on them in the newsp p er, accord ing to ed itor George Barnwell. The Ad v ance d oes not d mand p ay ment for news stor­ ies, Barnwell said .

^ nd e p e n^ f i i t - K l o u nw l v •••» » ■• AM #• •« « 7 1 (••« Entered in San Rafael Po st Office as seco nd class matter under Act o f March 6. 18 97 Published Daily Ex cept Sunday s and certain ho liday s at 1028 -32 B Street San Rafael, Calif, by Califo rnia Newspapers, Inc. Ro y A. Bro wn, President

stated the cou ncil’s p osition: “We’re not an end orsing bod y .” He said he p ersonally fav ors the hosp ital bond p rop ositions, howev er.

May or Walter S. Long and Cou ncilman Roger Morse con­ cu rred in the “no end orse­ ment” v iew, withou t stating their p ersonal attitu d es toward the bond s. The cou ncil also: 1. Appo inted City Manager Ar thur H. Brando w to be city clerk, effectiv e No v . 1, when the resig­ natio n o f lo ng-time City Clerk Geo rge Menke takes effect. Bran­ do w’s appo intiv e term ex tends to April. 1960. Ho wev er, the co uncil indicated a desire to make the po sitio n appo intiv e instead o f electiv e. Po ssibility o f putting this pro po sitio n to a v o te nex t April will be discussed at the nex t co un­ cil meeting, it was indicated. 2. Asked Brando w to talk to Standish Green o f 18 Chickasaw, Madera Gardens, abo ut the po ssi­ bility that Green might take o v er the Jo b o f city civ il defense co ­ o rdinato r. Green is a retired Ma­ rine Co rp captain, the co uncil was to ld by May o r Lo ng, who ' no mi­ nated Green fo r* the po st. 3. Accepted the lo w bid o f Mc­ Laren Ro o fing Co . fo r a new ro o f o n the city hall-fire statio n. 4. Receiv ed, and referred to Brando w fo r determinatio n o f the facts, a co mplaint fro m six neigh­ bo rs abo ut an apartment ho use at 34 Alta wav . The neighbo rs co plained the building was co nstruct­ ed illegally as an apartment ho use in a single-family residential zo ne.

Co mbining the San Rafael Inde- gsndent, Marin Jo urnal, Marin erald, San Anselmo Herald, Fair­ fax Gazette, Larkspur-Co rte Ma­ dera News.

10 cents per co py $1.5 0 a mo nth by carrier $4 5 0 fo r 3 mo nths by mail $9 00 fo r 6 mo nths by mail $18 .00 fo r 1 y ear by mall All unso licited articles, manu­ scripts, letters, and pictures sent to the Independent-Jo urnal are 6 ent at the o wner's risk, and the Independent-Jo urnal ex pressly re­ pudiates any liability o r respo sibility fo r their safe custo dy o r return.

CIRCULATION INFORMATION Pho ne GLenwo o d 4-3020 Mill Valley , Sausalito and GEnev a ex change Pho ne DU 8 -235 1 No v ato TWinbro o k 2-9 020

Freighter Hits Iceberg NEW YORK (JP)— A Danish freighter which stru ck an ice­ berg off Greenland was rep ort­ ed in no d anger tod ay . Coast Gu ard area head q u ar­ ters here said another Danish ship had gone to the assistance of the Else Nielsen and no fu ther help was need ed .

Brando Burglarized HOLLYWOOD LT)—While ac­ tor Marlon Brand o and his new brid e, actress Anna Kashfi, were honey mooning, bu rglars entered his Holly wood Hills home and mad e off with items v alu ed at $3,000.

Sputnik's To Blame HARTFORD, Conn. (IP—The Hartford Electric Light Co. said tod ay there had been a 5 p er cent increase in p ower u se be­ tween 6 and 7 a.m. The com­ p any attribu ted it to p eop le getting u p early to look at the p assing Sp u tnik.

Fire Prevention

Winners Listed

Clifton Boy le, S a u s a l i t o school su p erintend ent, tod ay annou nced the following rooms as winners in a Fire Prev ention week q u iz contest: Bay sid e School Room 7, fifth grad e, Mrs. Ru th Mu nger, teacher. Central School Room 6, third grad e, Mrs. Dorothy Brown, tied with Room 9, fou rth grad e, Mrs. Marjorie Su tthoff. Marin City School—Room 9, second grad e, Mrs. Florence Rains. Richard son Bay S c h o o l Room 1, third grad e, Mrs. Viola Bowie, tied with Room 16, sp ec­ ial class, Miss Ethil Thalmer. Winning rooms hav e been award ed banners and scrolls bearing the names of child ren in the classes. The contest was cond u cted by the Sau salito Fire Dep art­ ment. Chief Matthew J. Perry and Ralp h K. Ped ersen of the d ep artment’s fire p rev ention bu reau acted as contest offi­ cials.

Dixie Jamboree

Set Tomorrow

The Dix ie Jamboree, third annu al ball of St. Step hen’s Gu ild of Belv ed ere, will be held tomorrow at 10 p .m. at the Corinthian Yacht Clu b in Bel­ v ed ere. A sou thern theme, “Vieu x Carre,” has been chosen this y ear in honor of Kid Ory , famed jazz trombonist from Sleep y Hollow, who will p ro­ v id e the mu sic with his Dix ie­ land band . The affair will end with a sou thern-sty le breakfast at 1:30 a.m. Su nd ay .

Contest Winner

To Receive Ring

A $5 00 Colu mbia d iamond ring, won in a nationwid e con­ test sp onsored by the Mennen Co., will be p resented to Vir­ ginia Howard of 17 Girard av e., Sau salito, v Oct. 26 at the Mich­ ael A. Gorb Jewelry Store in San Rafael. Miss Howard was one of the major p rize winners in Men- nen’s “Good Grooming and Good Health Contest” ad v ertis­ ed on three telev ision p ro­ grams.

'Girard Shot On Duty' MAEBASHI an—Lt. Col. Wal­ ter C. Sharp , of Beach Hav en, N. J., testified tod ay that Sp . 3/c William S. Girard d efinite­ ly was on d u ty when he shot and killed Mrs. Naka Sakai at the Camp Weir firing range Jan. 30. Testify ing asa d efense wit­ ness, Sharp , Girard ’s battalion command er, said that once a sold ier is p laced “to gu ard any ­ thing, he has that resp onsibility u ntil he is reliev ed .” Girard , of Ottawa, 111., is ac­ cu sed of killing Mrs. Sakai with a u sed shell casing fired into her back from the grenad e lau ncher on his rifle. He claim- he fired to frighten the wo­ man away from a machine gu n he was gu ard ing and hit her ac­ cid entally .

Chinatown 'Mayor' Dies SAN FRANCISCO (IP)—Al­ bert K. Chow, 5 5 , the u nof­ ficial may or of San Francisco’s Chinatown, d ied y esterd ay of heart d isease. * Chow, the confid ant of p oli­ ticians and d ip lomats, was the first American-born Chinese to head Chinatown’s p owerfu l Six Comp anies. He was a d irector of the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. He was a notary p u blic and p artner in a Chintown restau ant, the Tao-Tao. He was a na­ tiv e of Fresno, Calif.

Reich-Yugo Break Seen BONN, Germany (IP)—West German Chancellor Konrad Ad enau er failed to win p arlia­ mentary su p p ort for his d cision to break d ip lomatic rela­ tions with Yu goslav ia tod ay bu t gov ernment sou rces said he wou ld carry ou t his d ecision any way . Ad enau er d ecid ed on the break becau se Marshal Tito rec­ ognized the Commu nist regime in East Germany .

Last Quint Dies TULON, France Michele Christop fle, last su rv iv or of the q u intu p lets born two weeks ago, d ied in her incu bator to­ d ay . The q u ints were born Oct. 2, more than two