The Reflectioy 2018, Volume 59

¥ Nebraska Christian Schools f 1847 Inskip Ave. fF Central City, NE 68826 308.946.3836 Enrollment: P-6: 56 7-12: 154

Opening: 2-3 -eople and Academics: 4-23 MV

at a student Life: 24-41 ANY: Activities: 42-59 sports: 60-82 Ads: 83-89

‘losing: 90-91 Index: 92-95 AS i i YW

Many: One

Nebraska Christian is a school of variety. With a

rich history, a diverse student population, and many different activities in which to get involved, it's not hard to agree with the consensus of the students, staff, and families: this is a pretty individual place, because it separates itself from other schools in the area. With so many distinct opportunities, one might think that it would be impossible to draw everyone together. However, Nebraska Christian has one vastly important uniting factor - Christ. Many : One symbolizes the ability of the seemingly contrasting student body of Nebraska Christian Schools to come together under a consolidating

belief in the power and sovereignty of a holy God. The school fully commits to faithfulness to Christ, and because of that pledge, it experiences a solidarity unlike that of any rival school. The atmosphere at Nebraska Christian is, therefore, dissimilar from secular education systems in Nebraska and across the country, and perfectly unique to the school. As you look into the pages of this yearbook, a commemoration of the students brought together in Christ, be observant to the obvious and beautiful peculiarity that bears witness to the lives changed here. It truly is spectacular.

- Danae Burdett (12)

How Did God Work in Your Life This Year?



5. Alexandra Bruning (6) and her grand t Grand

6. (Lett to right) Ben Griess (12), Angelina Rodriguez (11), Chase Tate (12), Luke Swanson (12), Joel Poppe (12) Andrew Feely (12)

1. Carsyn Ostrand (11) and Katelynn Halstead (12) Alison Winsterman (11), Tim Hofmann (12), | Daniel Myers (12)

Cream Masatit (12) and Grace Langemeier (10) e fort { t the ¢ tian Resource ¢

| Student ¢

Aaron Jividen (8) | Jacob Nokelby (7) Veet " ) to te


Reghan Flynn


Diversity Leads to Unity

Although Nebraska Christian boasts many different nationalities and personalities, a common interest shared in its community is Jesus Christ. Faculty and students are blessed to be immersed in an environment in which they can encourage one another, not only in daily life, but also in their spiritual walk with Christ. They are opportunity

offered an to spread encouragement through student led e-groups, school wide team activities, and even a chance this year to bless others through a StuCo-sponsored encouragement week. During this week, encouraging words flowed from the pens of students onto small pep notes and were then delivered to every high school student. Another area in which students were able to serve their community was by licipating in a soup can drive. All high school

People Theme

students were encouraged to collect as many cans as possible to later be donated to the local Christmas of Sharing. Nebraska Christian truly takes the aspect of community to heart and strives to reach out to others in need,

Senior Anna Musgrave said, "/ love NC because of the people. Because we have a common goal and unifying belief, we can be vulnerable and honest with each other. And because of our unifying faith, it is our job to look out for eac h other as fellow believers. In tough times, you really feel the community reach out, and in times of ease, there is always someone to talk with or ask for accountability or prayer from." At Nebraska Christian, many unique individuals comprise one large Christ-centered community.

- Katelynn Halstead (12)

Why | Love NC!

Kindra Watson (10

Aaron Jividen (8)

Laura Carlson (11)

2. Bella Yin (11

Carsyn Ostrand (11)

12), Jake I woe rd

11), Arwen Zhang

11), Kalob Green

10), Cream Masatit

12), Brayden 4. Andrew Feely (12), Sharon Yu (12), Ruby Yang (12), Rocky Gustafson (12) gat Wang (12 t ( Ced

One Last Kide Seniors Embrace Final Year of High School

Senior year is not just the last year as God leads us to new roads," said The teachers prepare us to face the of high school, it's a year full of senior Danae Burdett. world by explaining worldviews and reflections and memories of past Preparing for life after high school, how they differ from Christianity." times, past friends, and past laughs. the Class of 2018 will have to come The memories that have been made "Senior year has been mainly atime of out of their comfort zone and be will forever be in the seniors' minds change for us, as we transition from ready for the waiting world. Senior as they work towards God's plan for high school to higher education or the Cream Masatit said, "The school them. workplace. We are anxious for what teaches students to be leaders standing - Joel Poppe (12)

the future may bring, but also excited firm and leading people to the truth.

Landon Roshan Barcel Danae Rebecca Heewon (Clara) Chon Keziah Rose Dexter Y ut} } Burdett Years at NC: 4 Years at NC: 6-1/2

j 1 = Pe I : 1 1 1 peeve is... when peapie President Vy biggest pet peeve Is... stains on My biggest pet peeve is... "when peopl

Tears a vu. FT NC: 4 clothes and shoes.” tell me I'm not an adult

west pet peeve is... when peopie take my pencil bag and throw it in the


Nick Vuong

| Lydia Langemeier (12)

Clase Motto

« er

V ¢ QrUE 7 ¢ ccept Oo 10ns Of PONO?T ind good sense.” and 20 d C71SE

Winston Churchill

Clase Flower rew James Feely Benjamin Andrew White Rose

; Wri ws at NO? Orless Claes Colors My biggest pet peeve is..."people Years at NC: 5 Navy & Gold

Corryn Victoria Blair = And Falk

heir mouths open My biggest pet peeve is..."cracking

: 2 a , knuckles; people rolling their tongues

Brayden Lane Katelynn Atalissa Jessica Anne Timothy Frederick mustafeon alstead Hilderbrand Hofmann

rs at NC: Secretary Years at NC:7

t pet peeve is... "thin girls Years at

Years at NC: 6

My biggest pet peeve is... "people My biggest pet peeve is

saying they're fat." My biggest pet peeve is... "when people |

say the word 'moist.”

disregarding grievances."

+>) ras

Lydia Kristyne Langemeier t peeve is when pl istic

© Styrofoam rubs together.

Hieu Trong Nguyen Years at NC: I My biggest pet peeve is... "limited



Jean Joy Wambui Kamau My biggest pet peeve is... "when

someone says Offense Dut... |

goes ahead and says something

Rinrada (Cream) Masatit Treasurer

Years at NC: 3 My biggest pet peeve is... "when someone wears shorts when it’s

a below zero outside.

Brennan Thomas Nokelby Years at NC: 4

My biggest pet peeve is... "school on


Ji Ha Kim


{y biggest pet peeve is... "when people

ume things about me that aren't

Anna Marie Musgrave

Years at NC: 4

My biggest pet peeve is

Kateland Christian Nyberg Years at NC: 4

My biggest pet peeve is... "slow drivers."

Yaebeen (Melinda) Kim

Years at NC: 4 My biggest pet peeve is |

bell in the dorm.”

Daniel Lawrence Myers Years at NC: 9 My biggest pet peeve is... "when people butt into my conversation and make

me repeat myself.”

Claire Elizabeth Ostrand Vice President Years at NC: 11 My biggest pet peeve is... "when

pe ple’s clothes don’t match."

Joel Isaac Poppe Micah William Smith Chase Mihail Tate

MM 7 = Vir. 2S CANGICS

Samuel Wyatt Hung (Nick) Gia Vuong James Spencer Twogood Verne at NC-? Williams

» th | that |

Xin Years at NC ‘YR eee ces a

\ hor “me , j Vv est pet peeve ts... "when My biggest pet peeve is... “American My biggest pet peeve is... “when Years at NC: 4

(Sonya) Wu

Xinjle (Ruby) Yang Shaorong (Sharon) Yu dito. aaa ears at NC: 2 Years at NC: 2 0


someone wears new clothes without foox someone doesn’t answer me when I My biggest pet beeve is... "chewing

washing them first sk them something, gum loudly.’


3. Angelina Rodriguez (11) s;

Juniors Laura Carlson (11) a back to senior Brennan Nokelby (12)

} inge

ing football ¢


1, Jon Dockweiler (11) » Riley Schreiber (7) th


ntrating, Til Lyu (11) a Finas Ma

1 Sara Royle (11) typ. 1 Mr. Eric Zanger

H rt

Landon Barcel (12)

ea t, Jada

McHargue (11

cen » brain whi r lab partner Daniel Myers

(12) looks on. Anaton


| Kate Pipher (11)

ms. Selli 1g concession

Relationships Sustain Juniors Through Stress

The stress of junior year is one that brings many students to their breaking points. Whether it's a schedule holding too many difficult classes or the ACT panic, it can honestly be said that the first year as an upperclassman requires a lot of endurance.

But high school is not all about the GPA. Curt Bailey (11) said, "The most important part is the time spent investing in others. You work hard and

give your all to academics and athletics.

But the relationships you build now can last a lifetime, and all the times spent together in loving service and marveling at God's creation and kindness--those lessons and memories won't fade easily."

As Bailey said, high school is also about building relationships. The class of 2019 has many intertwining bonds that glue them together to be aclass that cares about each other and

the people surrounding them.

Carsyn Ostrand (11) stressed this point: "This year, I have strengthened my friendships and have had the opportunity to make many more."

The juniors know the most

important part of these years is to glorify God--and what better way to do that than by reaching out and touching the lives of the people around them?

- Madi Felt (11) 11


1. Emily Meng (10

2. Johnny Wu (10) ar

schoo} ¢

1 Sam Qu (10) d

il, Garrett Nokelby (10)

4. ( . Bryce Krieger (10) fo ov .

port 1 t Mrs. Tara Mundt 2 Ise 1

re Clay Purkerson (right

ks Cory Ruybalid (10) a question


pcoming vocabular

6. Grace Langemeier (10), Stephanie Strobel (10), Jamie Myers (10), Kendy]l Jividen (10)

Sophomores Bond ae Growth

Each new school year brings new Opportunities and experiences for each class. For the sophomores, this meant stepping up and taking on more responsibility. While still being considered underclassmen, it oftentimes hard to find a student's place as a sophomore when it comes to school. Despite this difficulty, the sophomore class fully embraced the Hallenge and became closer as the year rolled on."/ feel alot closer to each


of my classmates this year. You also don't get any freshman jokes, which is nice, "Kendyl Jividen (10) expressed. This year has been full of fun memories that they will remember for years to come.

One of the highlights of the year was when the volleyball team made it to the state tournament after being undefeated all season. "My favorite memory of this year was winning the district final game and going to state

volleyball," Grace Langemeier (10) stated. Langemeier, Kindra Watson (10), Stephanie Strobel (10), and

Jividen were alla part of the team, and

each claimed that this pe rience was their favorite memory of the year. [t's an interesting year of change and growth for the sophomores, but some of the relationships that were built this year will last for a lifetime.

- Josie Maberry (10)


1. Grant Stuhmer (9)

4 )

1 Olivia Janssen (9) 2 | s Mrs. Dee Flynn

Elijah Green (9

Ethan Burdett (9 ' t t S

Gabe Huenefeld, Joshua Strong. |

Elijah Boersen (9)

6. Charlotte Wang (9) |


Anthony Jividen (9

rd. Mrs. Dee

Flynn hel

ostumes. Front to back, from lef

2: Jake Sandmeier, Aidan

Pipher, Carl Mundt, Grant Stuhmer, Connor Lovejoy.

Small Class Size Fosters Close Relationships

The first year of high school is exciting but nerve-wracking. At NC, the 2018 freshman class was filled with 17 students who were very precious and fresh! Seventeen is not a big number for a class, but each one of these students has worked hard to create an atmosphere of joy beyond

my favorite things about my class ts that we can learn about the Bible, and we can share our thoughts. Since we have a small number of people in our class, we can get to know each other better."

As they have gotten to know each other better, the NC freshman class lots of precious

has created

[Dee] Flynn. W egot to drink hot cocoa

and eat snacks. We played card games

for the whole period; it was awesome."

The freshman class members value every moment with each other. They have bonded together through lots of special memories, and they will still be other and

encouraging each

the number of people. Toby Zaruba memories. Joshua Strong (9) said, building each other up for years to

(9) said, "Our class is filled with great

friends and great teachers. And one of

"The thing I enjoyed this year as a class was our Christmas party with Mrs.

come, - Melinda Kim (12) Freshmen 15

1. Amanda Carlson (7)

2. Riley Schreiber (7)



¥AGT Cha Frreto

One Adventure

Junior Highers Embrace Change

Junior high is an adventurous and "bigger" kids: "J like how we move to Junior High," Tabitha Seip (8) said.

interesting time in one's life. For seventh graders, they begin to enter into a whole new world, going from the "Kings" elementary to the youngest students

and "Queens" of

new classes rather than just sitting in at the beginning, but I got comfortable in the next week or so. I like learning in all the classes and getting to know new

room. I was scared


in the high school building. A new people."

way of learning and adjusting to the class schedule may seem intimidating. Gabe Langemeier (7)

seemed to enjoy his first year with the

Most of the eighth graders love the extremely excited to begin high school. "J like being the older class

being older class and are

Teagan Haynes (8) pre;

nd Jacob Nokelby (7) pract | Band of


olved both | or hig gl

1, Will Twogoc dd (7) 5 nt the NC O

4. Sidney (8) a

| Shelby (8) McHargue po fore t

McHargue t

5. Micah Green (7) a Terrigan Sebek (7) part f the I

This year, the number of students in the junior high is at a record peak. Their journey will continue as some enter into high school and some will become the older class in the junior high. Junior high is a great time to start building relationships with peers for the next six years.

- Tim Hofmann (12)

Junior High 17

1. Richie Musgrave (6), Nathan Fetterley (5), Micah Perdew D


Rachel Hale (6) |


2. Taytum Perdew (4)

Hope Seip (6

Gavin Falk (6)


4. Faith Springer (6) ser

5. Caitlin Chiles (6)

6. Hananiah Peters (4)


Alyssa Springer (5) { ecw d

t Prairie Cre \

Changes in Elementary Lead to Growth

The last couple years in the elementary building are some of the most critical because they shape the students physically and emotionally into With fifteen years of experience working with elementary students, Miss Amy Schreiber began her first year teaching at NC in 2017. Schreiber said, "Jt was a big transition from teaching at a public school to a Christian school. The students are

teenagers. over

more engaged, focused, and now I get to teach more toward the hearts of the kids, instead of just focusing on the books themselves. Another big

school, and learning how to play an

instrument with Mr. Mike Flynn in

the music and worship room. Joshua Green (5) said, "My favorite

difference is how supportive and part of the day is recess time because 1

prevalent each family is in the students' lives."

The fifth and six graders get more privilege outside of the classroom such as working in the greenhouse on Wednesdays, sixth grade math with Mrs. Sarah Swanson in the high

can just get a break from math!" The transition from being the oldest in the elementary to youngest in the high school can be scary, so it's vital to invest in the students’ lives early on.

- Daniel Myers (12) Upper Elementary 19

>> % o ov i 6 = = =

1. Anisha McCray


Luce (2), Noah Creutzberg (2) and Lucy K


2. Selah Perdew (1)


t: Christian Jividen (1), Abby

Berck (3), Selah Perdew (1), David Chiles (3), Kaley Krug (2),

Anisha McCray-Luce (2), Noah Creutzberg (2), Matthew

Needham (3), a1

Kaity Berck (1).

4. Christian Jividen (1)

Amanda Needham (6) dur }

5. Bethany Needham (1)

6. Trev cake

ve other

ids o1 »oks while Mrs. Verna Zaruba slant :


McHargue (2) slick

Students Eagerly Embrace Learning



Reading, adding, subtracting, and even learning how to tie their shoes are just a few of the things that the lower elementary students learned to do this year. There were many new faces added to the elementary this year, including preschool teacher Mrs. Stacy Berck and 4th-6th grade teacher Miss Amy Schreiber.

Kindergarten through third grade were in the same classroom for the

second year. The students learned many things in the classroom and built many friendships throughout the year with kids that may not be the same grade as them, but they were able to get to know them better due to sharing a classroom.

Students were very enthusiastic about school. Emma Zanger (1) said, "My favorite part about school is learning about math, reading, and the

Bible." Ryan Berck (K) stated, "My

favorite part is playing on the slides at

recess!" Recess time is a highlight for many kids because they are able to get out of the classroom and interact with friends of all ages.

During the first years of elementary, students build the foundation for future learning and interaction with others, along with the basis for their relationship with Christ.

- Carsyn Ostrand (11) 21

ower Elementary

Faculty & Staff

na statt f tu tories, pra *F yucst | Jesus Christ. The women met for colt

Mrs. Dee Flynn's room evet



Ar tl

other Thursday. Miss Rachel

lea dd lay

ience, Mrs. Dee Flynn d

s. She also taught Pl

ust pep rall ear, Mr. Andy Falk tri

! t Mr. Eric Zanger to get toa th mone

1 Za ver to tl


lebrating Dr. Seuss » it of cornstarch and including Tyla Stuhmer (K) and Noah Creutzberg

eek, Mrs. Verna Zaruba mah vater tor th lementat with. They had a variety of Dr. Seuss act

ne weer.

New Staff Member Promotes School Unity

With students from eight different breaks. She also prepares files and countries, Nebraska Christian is papers for International Program known as a multi-cultural school Director Gib Killion to go meet with an International Program. Mrs. parents in Asia and Africa. She puts Angela Needham, the program's together letters from teachers and assistant, said excitedly, "J really keeps up student files for parent- enjoy working at NC, getting to know teacher conferences abroad. the international students and each of _ Additionally, Needham is a part their countries better." This is her first of the Adopt-a-Student Sundays year working at NC, though her program which creates relationships older children attended last year. hoe American families and

Needham plans the girls and boys international students. Melinda Kim trips during Thanksgiving and Easter (12) from South Korea said, "J think

the program gives us a great chance to experience real American family culture, and I enjoy getting to know

family members of my classmates."

Promoting unity in our school, faculty and staff at NC focus on making students get connected and united as one family in Jesus Christ. [It is amazing to see how God puts people from all over the country and all over the world into one place, equipping each other into one family.

- Cream Masatit (12)

Faculty & Staff 23

Many Farts: One Body

Events Bring Students Together

Nebraska Christian brings many students together from different backgrounds and locations. Various

personalities, interests, and talents pervade NC's student body. It can be difficult for students to have friendships grow in class, so outside events are a perfect opportunity to build relationships. Events like the Harvest Festival and special chapel speakers allow students that may not get as much of a chance to bond form new friendships with those they might not know as well by going through new experiences together. These friendships move beyond special events into non-school sponsored activities and classroom antics. Katelynn Halstead (12) said, "Outside events allow for students to spend time getting to know each other in a more laid back environment outs:de the classroom. We not only learn how to go

school together, we learn how to do life together."

Student Life Theme

Luckily for NC students there are plenty of different school-sponsored events that people can volunteer for or participate in to grow into one body. Favorite events included the senior and junior trips, pep rallies, and after school games in the gym. Students also took advantage of serving others at the Harvest Festival and the annual auction. Speaking on the auction, Curt Bailey (11) said, "Serving in the auction Was a super neat experience. This year was my

first time helping, and it was cool to see a bunch of pe ople

come together to work as a team. It was fun because we allz at little squads to bring the. food out as quickly and effectively as possible. Plus, if you were lucky, you could find some leftover cheesecake after the event.' Serving others together and using God-given talents and experiences to bless members of Christ's Kingdom brings students closer than ever before.

- Brennan Nokelby (12)

M K ( ( Daniel Musgrave (8)

2s) ~— ; - f

Bella Yin (11)

- Hunter Dixon (10)

My favorite event of the

senior trip. I liked the trip because to learn a lot about America's h got to learn all about the founders heroes that built this wondert country.

- Hieu Nguyen (12)

2. Marlie Mundt (7)

ot the Student Council Winter Olympics event. The students cor ibined

nto different teams

3. Toby Zaruba (9) works on his Rube Goldberg as other stud look on. On Rube Goldberg day, students from the elementar junior high joined the physical science class to watch the

present ALIONS.

4. Barry Zhang (11) gives Christian Jividen (1) a ride during

[he event gave students an opportun

in the Pig Roast event.

with younger kids and get to know each other at the beginning

5. Landon Barcel (12) and Katie Nyberg (12) serve at the I 1. The Harvest Fest et the choir and band show


Student Life Theme


Jean Joy Kamau (12

9), Molly Grice 12), Macy Shotk«


ss (3),

7), Carsyn Ostrand

Bella Yin (11

Jordan Schnell (10), Jessica


, Charlotte

Students Experience the Majesty of God


On August 21, 2017 a total eclipse of the sun was visible all the way to South

Carolina. Students had

from Oregon

the opportunity to ex- the which for many students

perience eclipse, was a once in a lifetime Students out

chance. rr de

buses to the

Christian Resource Center in Giltner, which gave them a perfect VIEW ot the eclipse.

Students appreciated many aspects ol

eclipse. Sharon Yu (12)

~ —~<


, said, "My favorite part of

the eclipse was spending time with my E-group and seeing the full eclipse." Angelina Rodriguez (11) also said, "My favorite part about the eclipse was how dark it got in the middle of the day; I never expec ted it to be that dark."

Overall, the eclipse was ol the memorable events of the

one most

year because students and teachers alike came together to marvel at the mighty of our Lord.

- Daniel Myers (12)

pe ywwer

Eclipse Day

Sheridan Falk (4

Learning Outside of the Classroom

Having the opportunity to learn about different things outside of the classroom can be very beneficial. While there were not very many high school field trips this year, students sull enjoyed the time they got to spend outside of school. Students in A&P went to the Cadaver Lab at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Ali Winsterman (11) said, "My favorite part of the Cadaver Lab was getting to hold a brain. I learned

alot more about AGP just

from being able to observe a real cadaver."

In the elementary, the students had the Opportunity to go to the Stuhr Museum, The Scarecrow Patch, and the i lenry Doorly ZOO. Alyssa Springer (6) said, "My favorite part of the pumpkin patch was going down the big slide and riding the zip- line."

Field trips are a great way for students to "take a break from the books" and learn in person.

- Daniel Myers (12)

2. Cream Masatit (12), Mrs. Dee Flynn, Katie Nyberg (12), Laura Carlson (11), Kate Pipher (11), Jada McHargue (11), Luke Swanson (12) Alison Winsterman (11), Emma Kaczor (11), Landon Barcel (12), Daniel Myers (12) prepat Cadaver | at UNL. T


1iewing the cad

3. Justin Brock (11), Garrett Swantek (10), Kevin Yu (11), 1 Clay Purkerson (10) pi the tr



5. Micah Perdew (6) and Richie Musgrave (6)

¢ Stuhr Museur

otf America lived

6. Claire Ostrand (12) take

Rich Peterson spoke to the 9t RCC) tudy the Bible. His



Field Trips

wed a


Curt Bailey

ide pecially mad * Dockweiler (11) a: (11) to re lly Hor om

. IK .

De! spec

Maberry (10) ren

n cnarades, an tie of the e-groups ensued

de gE

eenl Baoan h ved cli Nad acnievea ;

i schoo! unity.

- Katelynn Halstead (12)


3. Toby Zaruba (9)

Hilderbrand (11)


{Brad 4. Eight Tyler Cumpston


Arwen Zhang (11)

2, Brayden Gustafson (12), Tim Hofmann

12), Brennan Nokelby (12), Ben Griess

), Spencer Williams (12

Jonathan Needham nd Tabitha Seip pla Ho

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

Homecoming was a fun-filled week at Nebraska

where all students were


able to flaunt their Eagle pride. Theme days this year included the following: Agriculture Day, Class Cinema Day, Duo Day, and Blue & White Day.

Agriculture Day began the week with a bang, as people attended school dressed as farmers, farm animals, and even fresh produce stands. On Class Cinema Day, each grade was assigned a different movie to represent. Classes came dressed as their favorite characters from Winnie the Pooh, Star Wars,

Lord of the Rings, Toy

Story, Narnia, and

Veggie Tales. Day three,

students came in coordinating costumes as duo pairs. Duo Day allowed the students to use their vivid imaginations to create unique duos. Finally, as students decked out in blue and white for the last theme day, it elevated the excitement of Homecoming night.

About the week, freshman Ethan Burdett said, "Homecoming week is one of the most fun weeks of the school year because you get to dress up with fun themes, and it's an exciting time."

- Katelynn Halstead (12)

5, Garrett Nokelby (10) and Kalob Green (10) st )

©. Jada McHargue (11) and Kate Pipher (11), d 1 out in their

What was your favorite costume of Homecoming week?

Jon Dockweiler's [11] e} aut Duo Day [Kate Pipher (11) ostume and ho { Laura Carlson (11)}. |

¢ Kalob [Green (10) 1 Garrett [Nokelby (10)

Jean Joy Kamau (12) ifort Talia Parlane (10)

- Aidan Pipher (9)

Homecoming 29

One Long Kide

Juniors Take on the "Twin Cities’

The 2018 junior trip packed a great deal of activity into a_ small amount of time. With three days to burn in Minnesota, the junior class set out on an agonizingly long bus ride. Once they finally arrived in Minneapolis, the visited the University of Muinne- sota. Then the trip to the Mall of America bright- ‘ned everyone's spirits.

‘he fun continued the following day as the class the beautiful Northwestern campus.

Stress levels were

mounted when the class

1 Ciass



x, c

overslept on their way to David Wheaton’s house for breakfast. Curt Bailey and Kate Pipher featured on Mr. Wheaton’s radio show. Pipher said, “/t was acool opportunity to see how a live radio shou to get a chance to speak.”

On the way back home, the students stopped at Blue Bunny creamery. Throughout the course of this expedition, the junior oreW together, experiencing many highs and lows that Sery ed to draw the class closer asa result.

- Carsyn Ostrand (11)


works and


¢ Junior Trip

6. Skylar Swantek (11)

Feddersen (11) p

Madison Felt (11), Halle


» Strong (11), Sara Royle



1. Cream Masatit \ \ {

Seniors Learn and Grow in D.C.

Washington, D.C. is a place filled with history and excitement. For the seniors, the trip to D.C was a nice change of pace from central Nebraska. Going to D.C. was a fantastic experience for the class to learn about the United States and build relationships with each other. Favorite moments of the trip included a night monu- ment tour, Fogo de Chao, and the Library of Congress.

The trip was not without its somber moments, however, as

aT ee alihh


the class visited Arling- ton National Cemetery and the Holocaust Mu- seum, learning respect for those who came before them and the sacrifices they made. The Vietnam and Marine Corp War Memorials impacted the students as well. "Visiting the war memorials

provided a great time to

reflect and remember

those who have served and Ee j

died to give us freedom in

our country," said Tim

Hofmann (12).

- Brennan Nokelby (12)

3. Jessica Hilderbrand (12), Jean Joy Kamau (12) 1 Claire Ostrand (12)

r hit DA

g Joel Poppe and Hieu Nguyen, eat khouse M tudent ' I Mi

Senior Trip

len Gustafson

jon Dockweiler Curt Bailey

12), Hunter Dixon (10)

Will Twogood g

( (

Student Council Promotes Unity

Exciting! Competitive! Fun! Those are just a few of the words one could hear about the student council events this year. "I liked the games and events this year. They also made honoring the of different activities a bigger deal," said Jamie Myers (10).

One of the biggest


events this year was the Winter Olympics, but the student council was the organization of the blood

also involved in

variety of

drive and the games at the volleyball state send off, among others things. The student council officers spent countless lunch periods preparing and pep rallies and events. "The student council tried their best this year to give the students the best possible experience. I think we did a great job of getting people from all aspects of life involved,"


discussing certain

said secretary Hofmann (12). - Joel Poppe (12)

Student Council Events

Anna Musgrave (12)

Anna Musgrave (


2), Laura Carlson


Kate Pipher

a time for

Reflecting on the Seniors Accomplishments

The Honor Banquet is students, parents, and teachers to honor the Lord as they reflected on the seniors and their achievements. Mr. Eric Zanger spoke at he | about

the banquet the

responsibility and privilege of honoring God in thoughts and actions. Melinda Kim (12) commented on what she about the Banquet. Kim


enjoyed Honor

said, "J just

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believe that 1 participating in banquet as a senior. And the banquet was really a good reminder of God's work who accomplished all the plans through out our high school years."

Though the banquet is an exciting event tor which students dress up and celebrate each other, they remember that the real purpose is to give thanks to God for all the blessings he has given.

- Keziah Dexter (12)

and Danae Burdett (12)

3. Mr. Eric Zanger delivers i.

to the seniors. In addition t

i Mr. Josh Cumpston read

Honor Banquet

Many Thanks

"Hall of Faith" is an award that is given to individuals or couples who have faithfully been a part of NC and supported the school through their prayers. The NC _ board members chose two devoted couples, Larry & Barb Hoff and Scott & Marsha Johnson, to receive this honorable award. These two couples not only support the school through their prayers, but they have also. been involved through teaching, giving up their time, and impacting the students and the NC staff.

Receiving the award with gratitude, Mr. Hoff said at the Harvest Festival, "We have been blessed with the students and the staff at NC for more than thirty years. It is a blessing that Barb and I are able to challenge the kids through what we do. For the students that have traveled half way around the world, we are

blessed to be a part of those kids' lives." - Cream Masatit (12)

6, Mr. Larry He

Landon Barcel (12)


One ATTITude

Cc | Cc aie 7 | | A , Students Show Gratitude through Service

student this volunteering at the year's special events. ( Yne even r school students served at was the Dinner and Benefit Auction. One }

7 } student who volunteered

to serve, Jake Twogood (11), said, "J wanted to serve to show my gratitude to others fe wr all they do for this school."

When reflecting on the events she helped with,

Kendy] Jividen (10) said,

J ] j bless tre people you serve, i i but blessine them brings ; -

10y to my heart. It was

+} hI m sSucn a bDiessing O SCC students grow in ideeper relationshyy vith the

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eacn year. Every vear,

many staff members w

ho also help out and give up their time to make each special event successful. The staff are truly a blessing to others, as W ell as being good examples for students at

- Cream Masatit (12)

Danae Burdett (12

Auct Spencer Williams

(12) 1 Carsyn Ostrand (11)

What was your favorite special event?

Kate Pipher (11)

Keith Wasomi (1

Special Events 2


Spinidi te. Weis Meabeaanat alee te 1.0 N Daniel Myers (12 rd based on ir | ul Jamie Myers (10 ( Spec ially SO. Che SI vward Piven t the ‘braska Christian fer

ithiete WV ho demonstrates ( hristian

Brayden Gustafson(12)

character and accomplishment.

[his award began in 1982. Mr. Ove t Mr

. . 1 I | yr Micah Smith i

Larry Schreiber began this award he l cae } .

OeCause aE

onstrated Christ-like characte still performing vell in then activities." Head coaches, the activity director, and other directors at vote on the recipient of the award. [he award winners